Hand-Made and Hand-Painted Ceramics and Pottery From France!

Discover beautiful hand-made and hand-painted ceramics and pottery from France!

Are you feeling stuck for fresh decorating ideas? Go Provencal with stunning hand painted French pottery and ceramics! You too can make your everyday world that little bit brighter and more exciting with the vivid colors and designs that have been painted onto these vibrant home accessories.

Each piece has been skilfully hand made and hand painted with the utmost care and attention. Your morning coffee will taste all that more refreshing when drunk from a beautiful hand-painted coffee cup and even a simple salad can be jazzed up when served in an eye-catching salad bowl.

Although the designs are similar no two pieces are exactly alike and you will feel as though your homeware has been designed with only you in mind. That 'French feel' can be achieved through the home and garden with these striking accessories and Mediterranean style garden pots and planters.

Whether you are looking for unusual gifts for friends or simply on the hunt for new kitchen accessories or homeware these original and unique pieces can be the cornerstone for any new redecorating plans that you have in mind. The intricacy and charm of the designs on the ceramics make them the perfect gifts for women.

There is also need to trudge around the shops since because these gorgeous pieces are readily available online and can be shipped all over the world. You can browse through hundreds of attractive items from the comfort of your own home and even completely redesign your home with just a few basic, yet interesting pieces, such as ceramic oil bottles.

Rediscover your joie de vivre and live every day like you are in the South of France.

A Brief History of French Pottery: The French have been expert pottery makers for many centuries. In Saintes, on the river Charente ornamented pottery has been discovered which dates as early as 1511. Up until this period in time the pottery had mainly been emblazoned with coats of arms and fleur-de-lise but around the early 1500's other forms of decoration began to be applied, such as flowers, leaves, branches and fruits, and these classic designs became the prototype for the beautiful patterns we are today accustomed to seeing on French ceramics and pottery today. The French have been designing these unique pieces for many generations and their expertise is reflected in the fine pieces that are available to us all.


Get a European Country Look in Your Home

If you find traditional furniture too formal for your lifestyle or home and contemporary furniture too … well … contemporary, you might consider a country look. Before images of knotted chairs bound with rope and twiggy tables leap to mind, take inventory of all the alluring country styles on our website. Country furniture started out as practical and utilitarian versions of traditional court furniture for the populace, and retained charm and beauty in its new incarnations. A major of popular styles, like Mission or French Provincial, are far from rustic, and provide comfort and durability that turn your home into a welcoming haven from the hectic, modern world outside.

English Country

This is a catchy catch-all phrase for the multitude of styles that stemmed from English country living. However, an underwriting trait these styles share is the use of more cost effective and indigenous materials like oak, ash and elm mixed with some walnut and mahogany pieces. Far from the elaborated pieces saw in English salons, the construction was more functional and less ornate.

French Provencal / Country

The variety of designs that make up French Provencal furniture are indicative of the varied lifestyles of France's 18th and 19th century middle and lower classes. Some French Provencal styles evolved as simpler, locally crafted versions of French Court furniture built for wealthier landowners and merchants desiring trendy home furnishings. Other styles were original to the provinces that nurtured an aesthetic and functional ideal far removed from what was happening in the vogue epicenter of Paris palaces. After this, there are some general characteristics that these styles share. Decoration is simple, but soonheless charming and graceful, with splats, painting, and bas relief carvings. Craftsmen used walnut, ash, poplar, chestnut and fruit woods like cherry and pear to construct the furniture, and often included marble or wrought iron embellishments.

Spanish Colonial (1600-1840) – While Spanish Colonial furniture took inspiration from traditional furniture, it was also shaped by Spanish Catholicism, with furnishings often destined for churches and monasteries as well as ranches and homes. Mesquite, cedar, walnut and cypress woods were used to construct refectory tables that sported lyre-legs, along with chests and other pieces. In rural areas, locales adapted these designs to suit their more practical needs and simple tools, constructing flat paneled, slated furniture with A-frame legs. Popular today in ranch-style and colonial homes, the furniture's versatile, sturdy style blends well with the life of the busy individual.


4 UK Work From Home Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing offers an excellent way of generating income from a home based business.  Either as a part-time or full-time income, with very few overheads, no complicated staffing issues and, best of all, you can choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

But choosing the right network marketing company for You can be a little hit and miss.  It is important that you do your homework because, if you don’t feel entirely comfortable with either the company, the product or the service, then you are unlikely to be able to offer them to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Here are just 4 of the better-known network marketing opportunities on offer for the home based entrepreneur.

1.  Avon – Avon Cosmetics has its headquarters in the USA and was originally founded in the 1880’s.  Their products are marketed in over 100 countries, and is sold by over 5 million independent distributors. Marketed as ‘the’ company for women it seems to be marketed mostly by women; generally from brochures of womens (and some mens) cosmetics. Practically every household in Britain will have heard of this brand name, and it has recently been given extra exposure through tv advertising in the UK.

2.  Telecom Plus – Operating under the brand name Utility Warehouse this British FTSE Top 250 company, was founded in 1996 and is headed by Charles Wigoder, who made a huge success as founder of Peoples Phone with a turnover of over £200m before selling to Vodafone in 1997. Named Company of the Year 2009 and with a string of Which? Best Buy and consumer awards, the company supplies over 300,000 customers with their gas, electricity, fixed telephony, mobile telephony and broadband. In addition, they offer an innovative 5% cashback card and all charges are on one bill. Already gathering momentum, this UK only company does not advertise on television, offers unlimited free training to its distrubutors and provides distributors with their own free utility warehouse website.

3.  Betterware –  A successful UK home shopping company, selling to customers in the UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus & Central America. Known initially for its extensive homeware and housecare cleaning products, the range has grown over the years to include gifts, personal care and beauty as well as outdoor products. Works in a similar way to Avon, with distributors providing a brochure and taking orders. There is no television advertising and customers can order products either through their network of distributors, territory sales agents, by post, over the phone or online from the company.

4. Herbalife – Founded in 1980 by Los-Angeles based Mark Hughes (died 21.5.00 aged 44) it is one of the world’s larges distributors of herbal wellness products in over 70 countries with more than 1.9 million distributors. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles.  Like Telecom Plus and Betterware, there is no television advertising. A distributor earns profits by buying Herbalife products at wholesale and reselling them at retail.

Anyone can make a financial difference to their lives by becoming an independent distributor for a network marketing company, but few people realise that it will only happen with commitment and a genuine desire to succeed. Companies that offer overnight success are often scams but many, including the companies above, are legitimate work from home network marketing opportunities. Get it right at the outset, and be prepared to put in some time and effort, and you will reap the rewards, whether you only want to make enough money to pay the mortgage each month or whether you want to retire early with a residual income for life.


Amway Product Review – How Good Are The Amway Products?

Amway Products – The Good

Amway are a network marketing company that were founded in 1958 by best friends Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. The company always get criticized, yet it is still going strong more than 40 years after it was created, so it can’t be all bad.

People have often called Amway a scam because they say the products are no good, but this is not true. Amway sell a wide variety of decent products including health care products, beauty products, homeware, cooking utensils, and cleaning products. These are products which are well in demand, and proven to sell well in the network marketing business model.

The company’s first product all those years ago was called Nutrilite, and Nutrilite is now the name of a whole range of Amway health products including multi-vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, sports enhancers, and weight-loss.

Amway Products – The Bad

So if the products are good, and supported by scientific research, why do so many Amway Distributors still fail?

The answer is not that the products are bad, but that people go about trying to sell them in the wrong way. Amway actually offers a decent opportunity to anyone who has the right skill-set and business acumen to be able to take full advantage of it. If you don’t have the required skill-set you can always learn them, they are not difficult and they are not expensive.

What you need to do to really make the most of your Amway products is to learn the art and science of target marketing. Target marketing is the opposite of warm marketing, which is what most Amway Distributors are doing right now.

Warm marketing methods include only trying to sell your products to your family and friends, spending a lot of money on making CDs, DVDs, business cards, flyers, adverts, and other promotional materials, inviting people to sales parties or presentations, and giving away a lot of free samples. Do these sound familiar? They should do, because it is what almost all unsuccessful network marketers are doing.

Target marketing means only trying to sell your Amway products to people that you know are interested. It involves using the internet to promote your products to a huge potential market for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. It means positioning yourself as an expert, so that interested people come to YOU, of their own accord.

The Truth About The Amway Products

So the truth about Amway is that their products are good, and can make you money. You just need to know how to sell them.

To find out more about using the principles of target marketing to sell your Amway Products, see the Amway Distributors’ Bible.


Equestrian Supplies: Giftware

If you know any horse lovers in your life and you are trying to think of something to purchase for them as a gift, then look no further! A horse-related gift will make a lovely, thoughtful present for them. There are so many different types of equestrian gifts available that it can be a hard task to know what to pick. This article takes a look at some of the most popular items of giftware, and it explains where you can purchase them from.


There is a large range of equestrian books available on the market. There are plenty of educational books which can help existing horse riders to learn or improve on their horse riding skills. Educational book titles include The Principles of Riding, 101 Jumping Exercises, Riding for Kids and Dressage Exercises. There are also specialist books for vets, such as The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual. There are also fun stories and games books that have horse related themes, such as Stories from the Saddle and Pony Play Games and Puzzles.


DVDs provide a fun way to learn new horse riding skills as they can walk you through the material step by step. A DVD can cover a wide range of topics, or just feature information on a more specialist skill or subject matter.


Homeware items will often feature an image of a horse or another horse related item. They are a lovely way to display your love for horses in your own home, plus they also make nice gifts for horse lovers. Some ideas for gifts include printed mugs, placemats, surface savers, tea bag holders, trays, coasters, towels, bracelets, bags and backpacks.


Toys are perfect for children who love horses or who are currently learning how to ride them. Kids toys can include things like beautiful statues, lunch boxes, kids carry bags, stamp sets, cuddly toys, jigsaw puzzles and games.

Pet Accessories

If the person you are buying the gift for owns a pet, such as a cat or a dog, then you can also purchase them a gift for their animals that features a horse related image or embellishment. For example, you could buy them a special dog bed which has an image of a horse embroidered into the cushion.

Special Items

If you want to buy something really special for a loved one who owns their own horse then you can consider purchasing some more expensive items. This can include things like a saddle, horse-riding attire. You could also buy them a horse riding experience or a horse riding lesson in a beautiful location for a memorable day out.

Where to Purchase Giftware From

The best place to purchase equestrian related giftware items is from a specialist retailer. They will have the largest selection of products and knowledgeable staff who will be able to help you to select the best gift. All major retailers will have a website where you can view more detailed information and photographs of the gifts that they stock, as well as information on how to order.


Create a Shabby Chic Style for Your Home

Your home decor should be a perfect representation of yourself, style and taste. Homes that have a particular style are more interesting and create a sense of creativity. The shabby chic style is one of the most popular styles that have made a major come back. It is more associated with people who value style more than fashion. This vintage look for your home decor gives your home a different look that is not so common. You can choose to go for this style before you furnish your home while you buy the items ready-made in this style. Alternately, you can upgrade your existing decor with a few touch ups to create the shabby chic style.

Furniture bearing the shabby chic style should create a sense of wear and tear. Back in the day, furniture would be painted over and over again to keep it looking fresh. However, the base coat and the original wood would be exposed with time after further wear. This is the kind of look you should be going for.

You can create this look with your existing home decor. Take your well painted piece of furniture; bed, wardrobe, drawers and cabinets, and scrub off the paint with a piece of sand paper. The paint needs to look like it has chipped, cracked and worn out. Think about where wear and tear in furniture most appears or is seen. This usually happens on the edges, areas that the hands run through or where the pieces come in to contact. Scrub these areas with the sand paper in such a way that you get to see the original wood or the base coat. You can also replace the creators with old fashioned or worn out ones creating an idea that they have been replaced several times. Miss matched knobs also a good idea when creating the shabby chic style for your home decor.

The shabby chic style has a particular design in lighting that is both fun and unique. Chandeliers and vintage bed side lamps are more like it in this case and the colors suitable for the lamp head in this case are; pink, white, sky blue and yellow. Lace running at the bottom part is creative too. The lamps should have a "pull to switch on and off" dangling thread or chain instead of ordinary switches. The stand can be made of heavy metal or wood. The overall home decor should include chandeliers in all rooms to bring this particular style to life.

Soft furnishing
Curtains should be yellow, white and pink in color. Floral prints are also ideal in this case. They need to create an idea of ​​wear that comes with many years of washing and bleaching. For the plain colors, you can rub streaks of the curtains with bleach to show that the curtains have been washed and bleached for a long time. It is also important to make sure that the curtains are made of the vintage heavy material in plain color / floral prints and not the modern multi-colored sheers.

You can also choose to emphasize the shabby chic style more by placing a few pieces of retro dresses with laces and fancy floral designs and hats in manikins in the bedroom. The shabby chic look is an ideal choice for home decor and clearly stands out from all other ordinary styles. Creativity and a little effort go a long way in achieving this especially of you are transforming your original home decor.


Tips For Buying Online Wholesale Homewares

Keeping within budget and maintaining a beautiful home is a challenge faced by many homemakers. Extensive and time consuming renovation work can be avoided by inexpensively decorating or redecorating the rooms in a home. Buying home decor items from wholesale homewares stores is one cost effective way to achieve this. With the often discounted pricing, almost anyone can redecorate their own home without spending a fortune.

Why wholesale?

Often businesses purchase bulk goods directly from home decor manufacturers and other inventory sources, allowing these establishments and particularly wholesale buyers, to maintain discount pricing for the resale of beautiful homeware products. Wholesale homewares stores typically offer their products for a much lower price than department and retail stores. Also, most wholesalers are able to keep their product pricing low due to operating online and escaping the burden of high overhead expenses. Buying bulk grocery items for considerable savings is a secret many wise shoppers have picked up on. Now they can apply the same principle and redecorate their entire home thanks to wholesale home decor stores.

How to buy wholesale home decor

Whether making the purchase for their resale business or for personal use, in order to get the best online pricing, those buying wholesale homewares need to plan their purchase ahead of time. This is how:

1. Make a list of all the decor items the house needs: Make sure each room's needs are considered when building your list of home decor items. Overspending is an easier mistake to make when purchasing in bulk as item prices are far less than department store pricing. Stick to only buying necessary items and stay within a budget.

2. Go online and browse through the selection of wares available from your local stores first: making your purchase from home decor Australia stores near to your location will not only save you money in delivery costs but will help reduce your carbon footprint as well.

3. Before placing any orders ask if there are any purchasing requirements: Often wholesale stores and discount clubs require buyers to have either a business authorization or resale license in order to purchase items in bulk. An inquiry can be made either through instant messaging or email in regards to the possible requirements or documentation needed. If there is no need to have a business or resale license then you can make your wholesale orders.

4. Receive advance notification of future deals by signing up: Establishments often reduce the pricing even further on overstocked products and last season's inventory to move them quicker. This excess stock is also moved quickly through selling in bulk. Subscribing to updates and email newsletters will allow you to be the first to know.

The secret to decorating a home on a budget is to buy in bulk from local wholesale homewares stores. Pittaya, Australia's outlet for home decor online, offers low wholesale pricing for the latest accessories. Browse their products today and see their bamboo bowls, printed cushions, bamboo trays and much more.


Modern Home Accessories With an Antique Feel

Were you aware that you could fill your home with decorative home accessories, giving the appearance of antiques but without the price tag?

Technological advances means that beautiful homeware items can be produced in techniques similar, but more efficient to those used in centuries gone by.

For those of us who love to have historic looking vases, bowls and other pieces around us but are unable to afford the hefty cost associated with them, a modern impression of the piece can literally transform a room.

Glassware from Eastern Europe in particular is often still hand blown and hand decorated, creating some truly beautiful effects.

These modern "antiques" tend to be a fraction of the price of true antiques and add a touch of class to any home.

The Spanish Stonecasting technique produces some wonderfully authentic-looking items. From bowls to candle holders, these very basic, rustic looking homeware items are charming in their simplicity and uniqueness.

Misso, a material forged in the Philippines, is immediately identifiable. A complicated procedure, Misso accessories do cost a little extra but offer superb value for money. To begin with, fine fibers of glass are covered by hand crafted strips of vine before being finished with a black and white resin. The result? A retro-style, almost African style of homeware which is suitable for most room themes.

These new home accessories are testament to the fact that beautiful home items can be sourced from around the world and do not need to be purchased from the mass market favored by DIY stores and supermarkets.

Take some time to source exactly which item will fit perfectly with the theme and color scheme of your room. There are some stylish home accessory websites out there which offer some exquisite pieces from around the world – often traditionally produced pieces which are unique in their own right and are superb quality.

Whether you're looking for traditional vases, bowls or glassware, there are a large selection to choose from. Often only slightly more expensive than mass market accessories, they offer reasonable value for money, without compromising on quality.

On your next Bank Holiday, avoid the traffic and hypermarkets. Sit down with a glass of wine in front of your PC and browse through the fantastic selection of traditional homeware accessories from around the world. Be selective, stick to your budget and you'll soon have a home filled with beautiful, unique pieces.


Design Tips to Update Your Home

Home decorating isn’t as hard as you’d think – all it takes it some research and a good eye for style. If you think your house could do with a makeover, here are a few hints on how to make the process run more smoothly.

The best way to tackle the project is to break it down into manageable pieces. If the whole house needs a makeover, choose a general theme and then tackle it room by room. The theme should fit the style of house you have. If it is a city apartment, a modern designer theme could be ideal. If it is a beach cottage, a nautical theme may be more appropriate. Once you’ve chosen the theme, choose one room to start on. If you try to tackle the whole project at once, not only will you spend a lot of money, you may find that you run out of steam and don’t complete the makeover as a result.

After that, it is time to do some research. Go online and look at examples of the theme you’ve chosen. Browsing through homeware shops will also help to give you ideas.

Starting by choosing the colours for the walls and floors is the most failsafe option. If you choose light colours, such as cream or white, it will be easy to put your theme into action. Also, as styles change and you seek to update the look, it will be easier to work with a blank canvas. A feature wall is where one wall is painted a different, often bolder, colour than the rest of the room. It can be very striking and help centre on the focus of the room. For example, if you have a fireplace in your lounge, you could paint the wall that the fireplace resides a deeper, contrasting colour. This will bring the eye to the fireplace and add some flair to the room as well.

The next step is to choose the furniture and accessories. This should only be done after you’ve settled on your wall and floor colours, and preferably after the room has been painted. You can save money by incorporating existing furniture, such as couches and side tables, into the new design. If you love your couch, but the colour doesn’t quite fit your new style, why not have your couch re-upholstered? It will add new life to the couch, be the exact colour you want for your theme and look like new for half the price.

Accessories are also very important in any design. Throw pillows, rugs, candles, decorative bowls and lamp shades come in a myriad of design possibilities to fit almost any theme. New style chic, modern designer, nautical and even contemporary tribal homeware can be easily found in most homeware stores. Accessories add a final touch to your new theme and will help to add a lot of flair to the room.


Designer Home – Funky Yet Functional Homeware For an Affordable Stylish Home

Creating a stylish, modern home with funky yet functional home accessories has never been so affordable. Gone are the days when kitting out your home with chic household items mean spending a fortune – these days there's a wealth of choice available on the Internet, at prices that everyone can afford.

Designer homewares also make thoughtful gifts for all occasions, so here are a few of our favorite stylish home accessories that are just perfect for giving as gifts.


Turn your favorite book into a work of art by framing it with a PictureBook frame. The PictureBook frame is available in charcoal and ivory colors which will suit any room decor, and it can be hung on the wall or stand freely on a desk or sideboard.

The PictureBook will display books up to 2cm thick and from 11cm x 18cm to 12.2cm x 19cm, and the box includes screws and wall plugs for wall mounting – so it's a complete kit for keeping your favorite book as a picture.

Keypad Magnetic Key Holder

Why do keys never seem to stay where you left them? And why do they always seem to hide when you're in a hurry?

Missing keys need never be a problem again with the Keypad Magnetic Key Holder, which comes in a variety of colors and can be easily wall mounted using the self-adhesive pad which is supplied with the Keypad.

Keypad is made from durable silicone which conceals a super-strong magnet that attracts the steel in your keys, keeping them firmly fixed in a place where you will always be able to find them.

Magnetic Doorganiser

On average, we waste an entire year of our lives looking for things we've lost. That's a lot of time that could be spent doing something more productive – or something something more fun!

With the Doorganiser you'll drastically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things when you'd rather be doing something else. The Doorganiser is made from canvas and combines a variety of handy pockets where you can store small items that you need to find in a hurry – like your mobile phone or keys – and the whole apparatus fixes magnetically to your fridge or filing cabinet, so you 'll never lose your small but important items again.

Splash Coaster Bottle Opener

We love things that can be used for more than one purpose – so we're especially fond of the Splash Coaster Bottle Opener!

This durable, rubbery coaster is shaped like a splash of liquid, and ingeniously incorporates a handy little bottle opener – so once you've opened your bottle of beer, you can put it down neatly on the coaster and avoid leaving ring marks on the table .

Flux Lights

Flux Lights provide soft, ambient lighting very similar to candlelight, but without the dangers of naked flames and hot wax.

These unusual lights consist of battery powered LED lamps encapsulated in wax, on an attractive natural oak base. Flux Lights are safe and easy to operate, and provide the perfect soothing light source to ease away your stress at the end of a busy day.

Chain Bottle Holder

If you're looking for a really unusual home accessory that will draw admiring glances from visitors, look no further than the Chain Bottle Holder.

The Chain Bottle Holder is a thick length of nickel plated iron chain, cunningly crafted into a shape that will stand freely on any flat surface and hold a bottle of wine horizontally, so that it looks as if the bottle is floating in mid-air. It looks – and sounds – impossible, but it really does work!

The Chain Bottle Holder is the perfect table centerpiece for a dinner party, and will create plenty of conversation while you're fetching in the next course!


Koziol Homeware Products, Stylish and Unique, Yet Affordable

There are many occasions in a year that are perfect for bestowing gifts that make a statement. Koziol homeware accessories are just that, perfect gifts that are cool, chic, affordable and durable. Koziol homeware products have unique and very distinguishable designs, are made of durable plastic in vibrant colors and are accessibly priced. Because of their exclusivity, only selective distributors sell Koziol brand products. These very fashionable and popular homeware products have gained unsurpassed popularity in the past decades, but their origin dates back to the beginning of a rather historic century, the 20th century.

In the 1920's Bernhardt Koziol created an ivory plant which set the ground for the Koziol homeware brand. But, it was not until three years later that a workshop was established with the intent of creating unique home accessories made out of ivory. Five years later the first plastic molding machine was bought; hence the creation of the accessories in quality plastic, which have become so popular in homes all around the world today. Koziol is also attributed the invention of a most adored nick knack, one that has decorated so many homes during Christmas, the snow globe.

But it was not until the 1990's that Koziol's two sons completely changed the course of the company to become one of the leading designers of plastic homeware products. The products that were being designed had unconventional shapes and came in an assortment of bright and attractive colors that would appeal to the young working woman. Yet, their affordable prices and wide selection of colors made these products a big hit among all homeowners and with people of all ages. Today, only a selective amount of independent resellers carry this sassy line of homeware. After all, the Koziol brand of home accessories fit in with the theme of the store because they are very stylish. The problem is that once you buy a Koziol product, you might like it so much you may not be able to let it go.

There are a number of products to choose from for the kitchen, the bathroom and other rooms in the house. Varying from decorative items like a candle holder, to practical devices like a corkscrew. Choose to make a statement in your kitchen or a friend's kitchen for that matter, by selecting between small products that range from unpretentious salad servers, to unique salt and pepper shakers. Or depending you need a little extra storage space; then express your sense of fashion with CD stands for a living room or a bedroom. Designers of Koziol products do not overlook any detail, and customers appreciate that. They make unique looking products that are practical, inexpensive, and durable and are great for giving or keeping. Homeowners all over the world can now access what most of Europe has known for years; the distinctiveness and style of Koziol home accessories.


The Beauty of Large Wall Clocks

It looks like every time I walk into a really nice home I am sooner or later confronted by one of the hot new trends in interior design: large wall clocks. They are everywhere! And there's a good reason why: they add a real magnificence to any home in which they appear. I am seriously becoming a big fan of this take on the typical smaller or medium-sized version. Go big, that's what I say.

The first thing you need to consider if you want to emulate this design trend is if you even have the room to do it. You really only need one thing: a big empty space on a wall. That is all you will need. (And a little cash.) If you are very stylistically inclined then you might be able to kind of wedge a large wall clock in next to some other things on the wall such as photographs or paintings, or even light switches and TV's. But most people will probably prefer to play it a bit safer and have some space on either side of the clock.

Most people agree that large wall clocks should be classified as being at least two feet wide. This alone is quite big, approximately a third the height of a human. But you may even want a larger one than this. If so, I applaud you. Just make sure you have the wall space and do your measurements before you make the purchase. A lot of us are not exactly intuitive when it comes to making visual approximations on measurements. (By the way, two feet equals about 0.60 meters.)

No one can really deny the magnificence of these items. They are a great way to really do something with a big wall. Rare is the person who can make an empty wall look good without doing anything to it. You really bought to make use of this space to show something off. Large wall clocks are a new and modern way to do this. Also, no one will ever forget what time it is! It sort of has the effect of minimizing the consciousness of time in a paradoxical way. It parodies time and our obsession with it. But beyond this it tells everyone who walks into your home that you do things in a big way and you are not afraid to take chances. This is an impression that I think most of us would like to make on our guests and visitors. (It also tells people you are a bit wealthy.)

So that is my little spiel about large wall clocks and how I have become a big fan of them. I suppose not everyone will echo my thoughts, but I just think they are great. The other side of things is that if you take this plunge you will probably want to (at least over time) re-emphasize everything else that is within a vision of the clock. It would be a mistake to have your house be overshadowed by one single item.


House Beautiful Magazine – The Definite Guide to Home Decoration

Will not you love to find your house to look more beautiful? Surely, you do! In fact, not only you, but every people in this world will love to see their house interiors look beautiful and appealing. However, you want to decorate your house with not the common age old themes available. Rather, you would definitely love to apply something special and unique in appearance and will certainly make every stranger and visitor amazing by the appealing gorgeousness. However, visiting and consulting the interior decorators will let a big amount of money fly away from your pocket as consultation fee. But, you are not in the mood of spending any sort of money to these expensive interior decorators. Then, what will you do? How will you get your ideas of decorating your house interiors?

There is a definite alternative to the above- mentioned process of consulting the decorators. But trust me, the option that I will be providing you is a lot more cheaper one and will extremely fruitful according to your needs and requirements. The option is to look for the ones that follow the theme of house designs and décor. Among the wide range of similar themed available, the most useful and popular is this magazine.

A wide range of unique ideas, appropriate color combinations, along with expert opinions and advice, preview of designs and news are a feature in this popular reading material. The magazine gets published on a monthly basis.

When you go to buy the magazine, you may find the price a bit too heavy. Not only this specific brand, but all the brands following the household themes are quite expensive in pricing. That is the major reason people love to avail the subscription offers associated with these popular brands.

You can avail 30 issues for $ 30 or 20 issues for $ 25 or 10 issues for $ 15. While availing the offer of 10 issues gives you a discount of 67% on the total cost price of the issues, the discount percentage increases to 72 % while availing the offer associated with 20 issues. But the best deal is associated with 30 issues. If you avail the 30 issues offer, then you get a discount of 78% on the overall cost price. Is not it a good bargain deal? Surely, it is!

The payment option is through credit card. The best way to avail the subscription is through the online mode, if you are staying in a foreign location. The magazine has its own website and there is the option of availing such offers is available. You need to simply fill in a form and click on the option you are choosing and like to avail. And do not worry about the delivery. It will be get done right at your doorstep within a period of 15 days to the maximum.


Holiday Family Traditions

The holidays are a time to revel in the gratitude and love we feel for one another. Here are 14 meaningful ways to celebrate your togetherness this season.

1. Go for a family nature walk near your home to collect seasonal items that you can use in your holiday

décor. If you live near a forest, the obvious choices are pine boughs and pine cones, but long dried grasses

can look just as festive when tied with a holiday bow. You might be pleasantly surprised at the

decorations that kids come up with, too.

2. Make a few handmade holiday cards this year as a family.

3. Make appreciation cards. In your holiday greeting cards, replace the annual Christmas letter

with a brief letter of appreciation for the recipient.

4. Create or purchase new ornaments each year for the tree. Create or shop for an ornament that

reflects a defining event or sentiment for the year.

5. Enjoy a Family Night with special holiday crafts or games. Oriental trading.com has some fun

and inexpensive items that you can keep among your holiday decorations.

6. Start a Christmas-themed puzzle somewhere in your home. A puzzle table, placed in a quiet room,

is great for holiday visitors. Whenever your guests want to get away from the action, they can retreat

to work on the puzzle. This can be a great stress-reliever, and it’s wonderful for those guests who

always have to be busy doing something!

7. Play special music. What is everyone’s favorite holiday CD? Allow each family member to choose

and keep them in the CD changer so everyone’s musical taste is represented.

8. Take a photo of your children standing in a particular spot each year – in front of the tree,

by the front door…anyplace that will be consistent from year to year. Make a special holiday ornament

or scrapbook album that depicts the growth and change of your family each year.

9. Research the holiday traditions of your nationality. Adopt a few of these traditions into your annual

celebration each year to celebrate your heritage.

10. Ask each child to write a Dear Santa letter. (Small children can draw pictures.) Keep a special

record of these letters in an album or treasure box.

11. Create an evening tradition of taking a family walk or drive in your neighborhood to view the

holiday lights.

12. Cut snowflakes from wrapping paper, festive holiday advertisements, or last year’s holiday cards,

and string them together into a festive garland.

13. Adopt a special cause each year. The Heifer Project (http://www.heifer.org/) is wonderfully suited

for holiday traditions. This charity allows you to purchase a gift animal for a family in need (ranging

from heifers to rabbits and everything in between.) These gift animals then provide resources that these

families need live. When we purchase a Heifer Project gift for someone, the kids draw a picture of the

gifted animal, and we frame their artwork and wrap it.

14. Take your family to a performance of The Nutcracker. Performances of this ballet abound this time of

year – from professional companies to amateur dance studios. Purchase a CD to bring the memories home.


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