Bunk Beds And Safety

There was nothing more exciting growing up than to have a sleepover at a friend’s house who had bunk beds. Was there anything more wondrous? When you decide that bunk beds are right for you and your family, not only will your children be delighted, but your whole family may benefit from the increased space. There’s something about creating that extra space that improves the whole function of a house. There are some important things to consider; however, when purchasing bunk beds. Most importantly, make sure you purchase a quality bunk bed from a reputable dealer. Safety should be your primary concern; your dealer will be able to explain all the safety features of the bunk beds they sell.

This is very scary, and very important: children can be strangled by falling through openings between a bunk bed mattress and its frame while they’re sleeping. Make sure your mattress fits snugly. A gap greater than three inches anywhere on the bed spells trouble. Ask your dealer for help if you’re not sure.

Although children love bunk beds for obvious reasons, there are additional precautions a parent should take to ensure their child’s bed is safe and secure. Every reputable bunk bed has been tested and safety certified by the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials). This means that the bunk bed is purchased from a company that follows the ASTM’s stringent guidelines for mattress fit and guard rail placement. Precise placement of the guard rails will keep little heads, feet and hands from getting caught between them. The guard rails will also be securely fastened to the bed, to keep your little ones safe for years to come. The necessity of guard rails for safety cannot be stressed enough; sometimes, a child may tell his parents that he’s too big for the guard rails and will ask the parent to remove them. Please never tamper with the guard rails. They are a proven, tested way to keep your child safe. And also, as children get older, they learn the boundaries of their bed and will learn, just as you did, not to fall out of bed as they sleep.

There are many decisions to make when choosing a bunk bed. Why don’t you visit your nearest bunk-bed retailer (on line or in person)? They are best qualified to answer any question you may have. And just like you, they want to make sure your child is tucked in safely and soundly at night.