Futon Chair – The Perfect Dorm Room Decoration

Futons have long been the mainstay of dorm rooms and other small spaces because they are so versatile and now you get that same great adaptability in a smaller sized futon chair. Futon chairs are similar to futon sofas with an adjustable frame and a mattress, except that they are smaller. One of these chairs will sit one or two people and it can be placed horizontal to create a small bed for one person.

Often dorm rooms come furnished with two beds, two desks, two bookshelves, and two chairs. Rooms are often small and cramped, leaving little space for extra stuff. If allowed, many students choose to build lofts or other structures that give the occupants more room. Some have opted for futons to sleep on rather than the traditional beds because the futons can serve as both a bed and a sofa for lounging on during the day. For students who sleep in lofts, the futons serve as guest beds for visiting friends.

Futon chairs offer a great option to traditional futon sofas. With such limited space in a dorm room, a futon chair fits in easier and leaves more space for other furniture. Meanwhile, you've still got a place to put guests for the night or for you to take a nap on during the day. The comfort is the same as with the sofa futon but it'll fit better in tight spaces.

Another option for dorm rooms is a futon bunk bed. These feature a flat mattress on top and a futon on the bottom that can be adjusted to make a bed or a sofa. These bunk beds also save space and give you comfort at the same time.

An advantage to using futon chairs or futon bunk beds is the cost. Futons are often much less expensive than buying a sofa bed or a chair bed. You can also switch out the mattress if yours gets worn or damaged, something that you can not really do with a regular sofa or chair. Another advantage is that it's easy to change the look of your futon or futon chair by buying a cover that you can wash and change out whenever you want.

If you're furnishing a dorm room for yourself or for your child, think about getting a futon chair to add comfort and style to the room. The adaptability of the chair and its low cost makes it a good option for small spaces like dorm rooms.