Modern Home Accessories With an Antique Feel

Were you aware that you could fill your home with decorative home accessories, giving the appearance of antiques but without the price tag?

Technological advances means that beautiful homeware items can be produced in techniques similar, but more efficient to those used in centuries gone by.

For those of us who love to have historic looking vases, bowls and other pieces around us but are unable to afford the hefty cost associated with them, a modern impression of the piece can literally transform a room.

Glassware from Eastern Europe in particular is often still hand blown and hand decorated, creating some truly beautiful effects.

These modern "antiques" tend to be a fraction of the price of true antiques and add a touch of class to any home.

The Spanish Stonecasting technique produces some wonderfully authentic-looking items. From bowls to candle holders, these very basic, rustic looking homeware items are charming in their simplicity and uniqueness.

Misso, a material forged in the Philippines, is immediately identifiable. A complicated procedure, Misso accessories do cost a little extra but offer superb value for money. To begin with, fine fibers of glass are covered by hand crafted strips of vine before being finished with a black and white resin. The result? A retro-style, almost African style of homeware which is suitable for most room themes.

These new home accessories are testament to the fact that beautiful home items can be sourced from around the world and do not need to be purchased from the mass market favored by DIY stores and supermarkets.

Take some time to source exactly which item will fit perfectly with the theme and color scheme of your room. There are some stylish home accessory websites out there which offer some exquisite pieces from around the world – often traditionally produced pieces which are unique in their own right and are superb quality.

Whether you're looking for traditional vases, bowls or glassware, there are a large selection to choose from. Often only slightly more expensive than mass market accessories, they offer reasonable value for money, without compromising on quality.

On your next Bank Holiday, avoid the traffic and hypermarkets. Sit down with a glass of wine in front of your PC and browse through the fantastic selection of traditional homeware accessories from around the world. Be selective, stick to your budget and you'll soon have a home filled with beautiful, unique pieces.